Archives of Fred G. & Barbara Davis.
Quartette at Calvary Baptist
This is one of the favorite songs sung by the quartette at Calvary Baptist Church in Erwin, TN, made up of Dock Davis, Sr., Fred Davis, Merley Guinn & Tilmon Edwards.

The Davis Story
Archives of Fred Gerard Davis. The Davis Story was prepared by Dock Davis, Sr.’s son, Fred G. Davis and his wife Barbara Ann Sellars Davis in 1998.
Mr. Davis (Dock, Sr.) was a music teacher. He taught music schools to several small rural churches in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. He taught the do ra me fa so la ti do method. He helped to get the first choir organized at the Rock Creek Presbyterian Church, was the first choir director at Calvary Baptist in Erwin, and helped organize the first choir at First Freewill Baptist Church in Erwin. He was known as “The Singer.” He was a carpenter by trade and at one time had a small general merchandise store at the corner of Twin Oak Street (which is now Holston Ave. and Central Baptist Church is on that same street a block away) and Broyles Street. He gave credit to many people who wouldn’t pay – according to his old ledgers.
He was born in Mitchell County, NC – Boonford in 1884.
Henry Davis was his brother and built Davis Springs in Limestone Cove, Unicoi County TN. Dock bought an adjoining tract of land when they came together from NC. Two other brothers also came to Limestone Cove. Their names were Charlie & John. Another brother, Jake, lived in Spruce Pine, NC. Yet another brother, Frank, settled in Limestone Cove. Youngest brother was George and was killed at a young age. Dock, Sr.’s sisters names were Polly, Sarah and Lizzie. Polly lived at Poplar, NC. Her married name was Peterson. Sarah married Will Gouge (Jim Gouge’s father) and lived at poplar, NC, as did Lizzie who was never married. Sarah & Will married and had a large family. Fred does not know his grandparents names (as of this writing) nor does he remember ever seeing them. Dock’s mother’s maiden name was Butler.
Dock Davis, Sr. married Mamie Ada Johnson in 1922. Mamie was born in the Liberty Community of Washington County, TN on April 22, 1902. Her father was William Moore Johnson and her mother was Margaret 'Maggie' Mauck. She had a cousin named Agnes Tittle in Embreville. Mamie had a brother named Jim and one named Henry. Her sisters were Lizzie Johnson Skelding, Eva Johnson & she married  James V. Johnson, yes, Johnson - Johnson.
Mamie’s family managed a hotel in Embreville owned by the people who owned the iron mine there. (This hotel is now Chucky Trading Company.)  Mamie got a job at Southern Pottery in Erwin. Dock’s store was one city block away from the Pottery. In 1922 they were married. Mamie was 20 years old then. Along about that time Dock’s store burned. He rebuilt it, but in 1929 the Stock Market crashed and the ensuing depression caused many people to be unable to pay their debts. We do not know at this time but see the possibility that the depression could have been the reason he lost his business. The old ledgers show so many people who didn’t ever pay what they owed him.
Their first child was Patrick Henry Davis, born 1923 (June 13), then Kathryn Edna, Dock, Jr., Fred (Gerard given legally to himself in the Air Force as a middle name), Ruth was their last child. Pat, as he was called, was never married. He went into the Army in the British 8th Air Force when London was being bombed by Hitler early in WWII and was in Germany when the Allies occupied it in 1945. He came back to Fort Benjamin Harrison where he was discharged. He came home to live and did carpenter work and hung wallpaper and other odd jobs. He reenlisted in the Army around 1947. During that enlistment he had developed a thyroid goiter. He was sent to Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver or Aurora, Colorado where it was removed. He was returned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Ordinance. He got a brief leave, maybe a week-end pass to come home for his birthday, June 13, in 1948. He had written his mother, Mamie, that he would take a bus to Forest City, NC then to go Bostic yards and there he would take an early morning passenger train to Erwin. This trip was one day before his 25th birthday. At Bostic Yards was what was called a “yard shack” where he waited for the train. He died there beneath the wheels of the train .Before noon that day while Fred was with friends at  Fishery Community seining minnows from North Indian Creek, another friend and neighbor, Virgil Copp came to him and told him that Pat had been killed. After that Fred got back home where he learned that the Sheriff’s office had notified them of Pat’s death. The Army had taken his body back to Fort Bragg and placed it in a coffin and covered it with a cream colored plastic. The train wheels had cut him into across the chest and severed his left arm above the left elbow, so he could not be embalmed. To the best of his recollection, Fred says he believes Pat was brought home the following Monday. He was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Erwin, TN the following Wednesday. His funeral was at Calvary Baptist Church.
Dock Davis - Teacher called 'The Singer'

(Dock is top center in front of the door holding the hymn book)

Archives from 'Around Home in Unicoi County' by William W. Helton
Singing School at Rock Creek Presbyterian Church, Erwin TN. - 19___
Members of Singing School Group are: front row to back row - alternating left to right then right to left:Dick Kirk, Charlie Wilson, Ethel Burgess, Verna Erwin, Estelle Burgess, Maggie Ford Black, Lola Erwin, Elizabeth McNabb, Jessie Erwin, Ed Erwin,Tom Ford, Grace Miller Harris, Ellen Erwin, A. Thelma Erwin, Bell McNabb, Nora Elliott, Mamie Burgess, Lilly Ford, Nettie Ford, Julie Elliott, ?, Viola Wilson McNabb, Bill Starnes, Turner Elliott, Guy Keever, Lester Erwin, Mack Ayers, Clyde Booth, Allie White Edwards, ?, Ella Day, Betty Ford, Nettie Wilson, A. Myrtle Day, Ida Day Ayers, McKinley Renfro, Harriet Wilson Love, ?, Annie McNabb Norris, Eli English, ?, ?, Gordon Erwin, Charlie Ambrose, ?, Dock Davis - Teacher (with song book), Bill Simmons.

Photo from 'Around Home in Unicoi County' by William W. Helton

Dock Davis Sr. 1884 & Mamie Ada Johnson Davis 1902

Dock Davis Sr. &

Mamie Ada Johnson Davis

Wedding Portrait in 1922
Archives of Fred Gerard Davis.

SON: Fred Gerard Davis & Barbara Ann Sellars Davis

SON: Dock Davis, Jr. & Joyce Edwards Davis

Dock Davis Sr. & Sons

Archives of Fred Gerard Davis.
1943 Picture on Left: Patrick Henry Davis working on an airplane in England during WWII.
1955 Picture on Right: L - Fred Gerard Davis, C - Dock Davis Jr., R - Dock Davis Sr.

Descendants of Dock DAVIS  & Mamie Ada Johnson Davis

Descendant Research Information is from the Archives of: Marcella Davis-Burks, Fred G. & Barbara Sellars Davis

1. Dock DAVIS (b.30 Jan 1884-Big Rock Creek, Boonford, NC, Mitchell Co. d. 26 Dec 1956 Evergreen Cemetery,Erwin,TN, Unicoi Co.)
    sp: Mamie Ada JOHNSON (b.22 Apr 1902-Washington Co. TN d. Evergreen     Cemetery, Erwin, TN, Unicoi Co

|-2. Fred Gerard DAVIS
   | sp: Barbara Ann SELLARS

|-2. Patrick Henry DAVIS (b.13 Jun 1923 d.12 Jun 1948)

|-2. Edna DAVIS (b.14 Dec 1924 d.31 May 1972)
    | sp: H. P. STREET


|-2. Dock DAVIS, JR. (b.22 May 1926 d.Jan 1978-Johnson City,TN)

   |  | sp: Joyce Edwards Davis

|-2. Betty Ruth DAVIS (b.1930 d.1 Dec 1999-Unicoi Co.,TN)
   | sp: James MCNABB


   sp: Annie SHELTON (Not Married d.Erwin,TN)

      |-2. Preda SHELTON

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