1944 - 45 Erwin Blue Devils - UCHS - Erwin, TN

Archives of Fred Gerard Davis.

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Archives of Donald A. Cox.

Fred Gerard Davis & buddy Donald A. Cox served together in the 54th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron at Anderson AFB, Guam. Anderson is on the northern end of the 35 mile long island. The squadron had WWII vintage B-29s that had been converted from bombers to weather reconnaissance aircraft. The planes would fly two missions each day, one in a loop north of Guam and another in a loop south of Guam, gathering weather data. In addition, in the event of storms on the Pacific, they would fly into typhoons, make a "fix" on the eye of the storm and then fly out of the storm. This was done every few hours and thus determine the direction and speed of the storm so proper warning could be given to folks living there. Fred & Don both worked in supply for the base. They made sure the barracks were equipped and all the aircraft mechanics tool chests and all their equipment (Jeeps, trailers, etc.) fell under their responsibility. The air crafts themselves were also on the authorization lists.

1982 Citizens of the Year in Unicoi County TN
Archives of "The Erwin Record" - writer & photographer - Keith Whitson.
L - R: Fred G. Davis, daughter Marcella, his wife Barbara and Fred Kegley, who presented the award.

Davises "Top Citizens"
"If we can't leave this place a little better than we found it, we have served no purpose in being here," said Fred after he and his wife Barbara were proclaimed Citizens of the Year at the 13thAnnual Chamber of Commerce Banquet last Friday night.
Fred Kegley, who presented the award, cited that the Unicoi County Heritage Museum was “the highlight of the Chamber of Commerce’s year.” He noted Mrs. Davis’ work in helping to open the museum and then keeping it operating through her service as a museum coordinator.
Her husband had a big part in seeing the plans through by spending many hours repairing and making necessary renovations in the building. He was a great deal responsible  for the “Main Street” scene on the second floor.
Kegley also noted the Davis’ daughter, Marcella, and her contribution as an interior decorator.
“They really did a fantastic job,” he said.
The museum had over 3000 visitors this past summer, when it opened for the first time.

Fred Gerard Davis &
Barbara Ann Sellars Davis

Fred Gerard Davis & Barbara Ann Sellars Davis

Marcella's Family Tree

Front row L-R: Don Moore, Fred G. Davis, Douglas Toney, Pat Tinker, Howard Engle
2nd row L-R: Lloyd Bruce, Paul Long, David Beck, CH Hilemon, Sam Morgan, Lewis Runion
3rd row L-R: Ted Clark, James Miller, Edward Wardrup, Darell Hoseclaw, Dan Weekly (capt.) & Bob Strickland
4th row L-R: Bill Thompson, Dan Garland, Frank Willis Jr., Ernest Miller, Gene Davis & Meek Robinette