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Hi Marcella,
Just talked to Aunt Minnie and she didn't know Margaret but the name got us into a long conversation because we both have a lot of Memories of the early 40's when  Fred and Joe Rhyne came by once a week in their Rolling Store. We looked forward to the day they came by, there wasn,t much traffic back then and going to a Grocery Store wasn't very often, The Rolling Store had everything we needed. A  penny would buy three pieces of stick candy in those days. They took Chickens and eggs in trade. They had a chicken Coop on top of the Cab to hold the chickens and a Coal Oil tank strapped to the back. We used oil for our Lamps. This was our days before Electricity and  Out door Toilets was all we had. The Creek was  the Bath Tub and they washed our clothes in a Kettle with the use of a Scrub Board. If anyone tells you that was the good ole days, you can tell them they have been reading to many books.The only thing good about those day are, we lived long enough to get through them.
We have a lot of Whiteheads and Garlands in the Sellers side of the family and there are a lot of good stories about them.The Garlands Migrated south thru Mitchell Co. NC and settled in Cades Cove Tn where most of Charlie Garlands family made Whiskey as medicine for the Confederate Army  during the War. After the Law was passed making Moon Shine illegal, Charlie moved across the Mountain into N.C.
and his Son Jake moved to Carr's Creek in Townsend very near the location that David Carter and Jincia Davis lived. Jake was still in the Whisky business in the 1950's when I left for Korea. Charlie's son's Hampton and Alvin moved to Wears Valley Road Area of Townsend and made Moon Shine. My Dad and Uncle Charlie Sellers were here  running seperate operations. My Dad (Thomas Glenn Sellers} married Tempia Alice Davis and Alvin Garland, who was working for my Dad married Aunt Minnie Davis. Also Hampton Garland married my Dad's Sister Floye Sellers.
Alvin, Charlie and my Dad quit making Moonshine and went to work for Alcoa during  WW11.
I can look through my files and send you some of the story's if you want them.
"Doc" Carmen Glenn Sellers